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Learning and Implementation Community (LIC)

Facilitated by the multi-stakeholder initiative (MSI) Working Group on Responsible Purchasing Practices, the “Learning and Implementation Community” (LIC) is a group of garment brands and retailers committed to improving purchasing practices, together with manufacturers and supply chain partners.

The peer-learning group has committed to a 2-year journey, starting in October 2022. There are online meetings every 2 months, with every other meeting being one which brings brands and manufacturers together to discuss practical ideas for action. The organisations leading this work are ETI, Ethical Trade Norway, Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, Fair Wear, joined by Solidaridad.

LIC’s work is structured around the Common Framework for Responsible Purchasing Practices (CFRPP). The CFRPP (the framework) is a reference point to set out what constitutes ‘responsible purchasing practices’ (RPP) and groups this into five principles: Integration and reporting, Equal partnership, Collaborative production planning, Fair payment terms and Sustainable costing.

    Goal of the Learning Community

    The overall desired outcome of the community is improved purchasing practices, in order to give scope for improved working conditions in the supply chain, through peer learning and practical action. The aim is for positive changes within the 36 companies participating in the LIC, but to support wider change, through developing resources and tools that can be used to stimulate improvements in purchasing practices in companies beyond the LIC. There are some resources and tools that are publicly available for companies to use already here, and in 2025 more will be released.

    STTI’s role

    STTI’s main role is supporting the LIC to strengthen involvement and engagement of manufacturers. This is being done through the following 3 activities:

    • Widening the group of manufacturers who are invited to join meetings with brands and retailers
    • Supporting and empowering manufactuers to initiate conversations and potential changes with customers outside the LIC community.
    • Offering further to support for brands and manufacturers to work together on trialling changes in purchasing practices, if they are willing.
    List of ideas

    In order to improve purchasing practices and support conversations outside the LIC community, after each meeting between brands and manufacturers, a document is developed to capture a list of ideas from each discussion. Manufacturers can share the list with their customers if they want to, to initiate discussions about potential mutually beneficial changes.

    Find the current available lists below:

    For more information on the Learning and Implementation Community, please visit: